The free workshops included in Missoula Children’s Theatre Camp give kids a chance to hone their acting skills, learn about backstage work, such as stage makeup, and enhance their stage presence. These are free and open to all kids – even if they are not attending camp.

All workshops are from 5-5:30 pm at the Ashland High School.

Behind the Scenes

Actors have very important jobs to do to tell a story, but there are so many people who make theatre magic happen before the curtain even rises! This workshop explores the world of Costume Design, Set Design, and Makeup Design to give students a taste of the many artforms involved in making a performance great.

Drama Quest: Adventures Under the Sea!

We’ve got a notion that you’ll love our Ocean Adventure! Using active and energetic role-playing in a dynamic group setting, students will develop problem-solving skills by engaging their communication and imagination. Your students will have so much fun – they won’t realize that they’re learning!

Put Your Best Foot Forward 

Get your groove on with this fun, physical workshop. Students will learn different styles of movement and dance used in Theatre to create an interpretive dance of a classic fairytale! This workshop is great for all levels of movers.