The free workshops included in Missoula Children’s Theatre Camp give kids a chance to hone their acting skills, learn about backstage work, such as stage makeup, and enhance their stage presence. These are free and open to all kids – even if they are not attending camp.

All workshops start at 3:00pm on their assigned days (see below for more information).

Drama Quest: Adventures in Antarctica!

A grand adventure in the world’s largest desert, Antarctica, awaits! Using active and energetic role-playing in a dynamic group setting, students will develop problem-solving skills by engaging their communication and imagination skills. Your students will have so much fun – they won’t realize that they’re learning! 

Grades 1-3  |  Limit of 30 children


The basic tools of an actor’s trade – observation, memorization, concentration, and imagination are presented and explored in an entertaining mannerThe students participate in a variety of fun exercises, learning to apply the actor’s tools to both performing and everyday life. 

Grades 6-12 | Limit of 40 children

Stage Makeup 

Makeup is the foundation and the most basic visual image for all performers. This workshop teaches students of all ages by demonstrating (on a few participants) character and special effects makeup for the theatre. Please note, this workshop is specific to theatre makeup techniques and is not a “face painting” experience.  

All ages | Limit of 40 children