Performed June 20-23, 2013

Directed by: Shannon Tolliver

It’s 1913 in a bright apartment in Dusseldorf, Germany.  Young housewife Louise is innocently waving to the king during a parade when she becomes the victim of a wayward undergarmet.  The offending underpants rest around her ankles for only a few seconds, but this wardrobe malfunction touches off a series of events, romantic and otherwise, that will change Louise’s life, as she realizes how desperately bored she is with her loveless, by-the-numbers home life.  Don’t miss this delightful comedy.


Louise Maske ———- Jackie Nemec
Theo Maske ———— Matt Nemec
Gertrude Deuter ——- Mary Methven
Frank Versati ———– Hans Veenendaal
Benjamin Cohen —— Justus Grunow
Klinglehoff ————— Robert Menard
King ———————– Tim Walworth
Stage Manager ——– Claire Maas