Performed June 28 – July 1, 2012

SUPERIOR STORY, a nautical comedy by Corey Homewood

Director:  Shannon Tolliver
:  May 7, 2012 and May 8, 2012 from 6:30-7:30pm
Performances:  June 28-30, July 1, 2012

Plot Synopsis
Superior Story is an over-the-top two-act comedy that follows the Mack family on their summer vacation to Isle Royale, a National Park located in the middle of Lake Superior. Their trip grows interesting and downright outrageous when the daughter’s boyfriend is invited to come along. As their vacation progresses, many awkward moments and hilarious events ensue.

While crossing to the Isle Royale, their ferry boat sinks during a vicious gale. The family finds themselves stranded on a deserted island-shoal, where they are forced to survive the wilderness and each other. They meet an old bearded hunchback who has also been marooned on Sometimes Island. He is nice and helpful at first, but his intentions are not what they seem. Lake Superior lore follows the Mack’s as their family vacation turns into an adventure of triumphs and tragedies.

Love is one central theme present within Superior Story. The play explores its monstrous magnitude by comparing two human relationships; love for one’s family vs. love for a significant other, and love of technology vs. love of nature. Another one of its themes focuses on modern society’s growing dependence on material items and immediate gratification. The script uses humor to systematically depict life with and without certain luxuries that we have all grown accustom to, and sometimes take for granted. Superior Story ultimately asks the question: What is love?


Jeff Adler as COLIN: asthmatic boyfriend
Delaney Murphy
as JESS: demanding daughter
Bill Holzhaeuser as JEFF: over-protective father
Janine Boyd as JULIE: overwhelming mother
Chris Haase as CAPTAIN: has a missing limb
Jaclyn Nemec as ZIPPY ZIP: old bearded hunchback
Askley Lokken
as Chorus
Jennifer Birkholz as Chorus