Performed August 5-7, 2011

Performances:  August 5-6-7, 2011
Auditions:  June 27-28, 2011.  6:30 to 8:00 pm

Not My Cup of Tea by Albert Groff,  directed by Val Levno.
Emmie——–Jaclyn Nemec
Jessica——–JoAnne Dormandy
Mother——-Diana Granger
Description:  A comedy in which every member of the cast gets murdered!  A domineering old maid persuades her silly spinster sister to join her in a plot to murder their mother and what a time they have doing it!  Mother doesn’t eat the poisoned cookies, there are no shells in the shotgun, pushing her out the window of the first floor isn’t practical and it is so embarrassing to be caught in the act of trying to hit your mother over the head with a rolling pin.  It’s even worse when it turns out that mother doesn’t have any money and doesn’t even own the house.  The only thing to do is sit down and have a quiet cup of tea which mother has thoughtfully prepared.  Alas!  Kindly old Mom has worried about what might happen to her dear girls when she is gone and has poisoned the tea.  While they sip their fatal cups, Mother helps herself (finally) to the lethal cookies.

Yesterday by Colin Campbell Clements, directed by Renee Parent.
General Sir Richard Farrington—Bruce Durward
Lady Ann Trevers———————Lori Mahnke
Setting:  a cozy balcony away from a party sometime long ago

In Memoriam, by Malene Remington, directed by Shannon Saari.
Brad Kessler——-Michael McCutcheon
Diane Arnette—–Courtney Compson
Dr. Whitby———Bob Denman
Miss Carter——–June Bavlnka
Tony Patrillo——Trevor Carbon
Holmes————Sarah Mahnke
Description:  Inspired by Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, this fast moving murder mystery will send a chill down your spine.  The play takes place in the pre-World War II years on isolated Castle Island, one of the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence Seaway in update New York.  Five people gather for a weekend house party that turns into a nightmare as one person after the other is first accused of being a murderer and then is murdered – each by a different method.  The plot thickens with each mysterious death until only two guests remain.  Take a stab at whodunit… even Agatha Christie would be surprised by this unique ending!